Veneers are made of high quality metal-free ceramics that ensures a completely natural color and tone.

Veneers are a part of aesthetic dentistry, in Serbia they are also known as “shells”. Ceramic veneers are exclusively for aesthetic ceramic dental restorations and serve primarily to change the shape and color of the teeth. Veneers are something like “artificial nails” that cover the front surface of the teeth. There are cases when they can also be used to change the position of the teeth, when orthodontics is not necessary.

Veneers are made of high quality metal-free ceramics that ensures a completely natural color and tone. It is important to point out that well-made veneers do not fall of, one can function completely normally with them and can consume any kind of food.
They are very popular with younger patients and public figures. In London, they are advertised as a “Hollywood smile” or “Smile make over”. Usually, the entire treatment is completed during two visits with an interval of several days.

Are the veneers long-lasting?

Veneers themselves are long-lasting. They do not change color, do not receive pigmentation from food and drinks, they do not crack, do not change a shape. It is recommended that they should be replaced after ten years of wearing. This is due to the carrier teeth, which are not permanent themselves, but are subject to the influence of time as well as to the patient’s handling of them.

What are the benefits of veneers?

Unlike all other restoration techniques that are placed on the teeth themselves, veneers require the least grinding. There are cases when grinding is not even necessary (no-prep veneers). These maximally preserve the tooth substance. According to some research, veneers prolong the life of a natural tooth that is below them by as much as 60% compared to other types of restorations. Due to the precision of the workmanship, this way of compensating is ideal for the bearing tooth, which is followed in smooth transitions as if the veneer was a natural part of it. As a result of this, there is no accumulation of food deposits, nor irritation from the material itself (metal-free ceramics) rubbing on soft tissue.

Are veneers a good aesthetic solution?

The metal-free ceramics that they are made of conduct light well, which enables the creation of a completely natural look. On the other hand, at the request of patients, veneers can also be made extremely white.

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