Our patients very quickly get used to the fact that our interventions are painless. This is possible because we use the most modern technology, innovative methods, the highest quality materials as well as a kind approach.

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I am a GP in West London and I have had two implants with Dr Ivana . She was very pleasant and courteous when I saw her for the first consultation. She explained in detail about the procedure and answered all my queries. She was very good with the procedure itself I had no pain and the result was perfect. She took X-rays afterwards to make sure everything was alright. It’s six months now and I have had no problems. I thoroughly recommend Ivana .


I am Dr. Snehalatha , a GP from london. I needed a dental implant which required a prior bone grafting, as my jaw bones were thinned. I was seen by Dr. Ivana Matkovic at Cannon Street dental clinic. She was very pleasant, friendly, polite and professional and made me feel very comfortable. Procedure was carried out patiently and thoroughly with good follow up. I have also referred a close friend of mine for similar treatment ,who was also equally impressed and satisfied with treatment given by her. I am very happy to recommend her for implant procedures. I wish her all the best.


I am very happy with lips done specially the repair needed on my upper lip and i would definitely use Ivana’s amazing skills again! Highly recommended! Thanks Ivana!


I had 2 implants and 2 crowns to my front 4 teeth and couldnt have been more pleased with the final look . I can only thank her for the kindness and care shown to me . I wish Ivana every success , and I would not hesitate to recommend her to family , friends or anyone thinking of having dental treatment, especially specialised treatment .


I became a patient of Dr Ivana Matkovic when I was transferred to her care as a result of an unsuccessful, very painful and incomplete treatment by another dental surgeon, who left the clinic at a short notice.

I was due to have two implants fitted in the lower jaw supporting three front crowns. The implants that were fitted by the first dentist were incorrectly inserted, were crooked and as a result of this my gums were not healing properly.

After months of pain, being unable to eat properly (and smile!) and many unsuccessful attempts to rectify the situation, it was suggested that my case will be transferred to Dr Ivana, who at the time was treating my wife. My wife’s treatment included extractions, six implants, sinus lift and bone grafting. Bearing in mind that my wife was always a nervous dental patient (bordering on dental phobia), it was nothing short of a miracle that she returned home after each procedure, highly praising Dr Ivana’s professional and sympathetic manner and her communication skills throughout the treatment. Thank you Dr Ivana for giving my wife back her smile and her confidence.

Dr Ivana started my treatment by removing the incorrectly inserted implants and reviewing this extremely complicated case. All my fears had disappeared as soon as Dr Ivana took over, and with her unique style of care and expertise, she managed to reassure me that there is still hope that I would be smiling again without the fear of opening my mouth.

Dr Ivana is a very capable dental surgeon who possesses a rare combination of extensive professional knowledge, experience and a much appreciated understanding of patients’ fears and apprehensions.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Ivana Matkovic to anyone seeking a reliable, professional, caring and successful dental treatment.

Joe S, London

Dear Dr. Ivana Matkovic,

I’m writing this email as a review for the Jobs that you done to me.
I am absolutely satisfied for both implants completed. The Job was really precise and neatly done.

I will definitively come Back in the future and recommend you to the people close to me.

Kind regards

Stefano d’andrea

Thank you Ivana for keeping in contact with me through the lockdown and whilst you moved your practice – this personal touch is rare and was much appreciated. Thank you too for your patience and care in providing my two implants; I was very apprehensive at first, but your thoughtful and caring manner helped me through what I feared might be a difficult process. And do please keep in touch – I might need you again!

Patrick McLoughlin

A very big thank you to Dr. Ivana, she has always been great: excellent at her work and endlessly patient and supportive. A lifesaver!

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