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This procedure is 100% safe. Teeth whitening with this technique makes the teeth two to six shades brighter.

There are various factors that cause teeth to lose their whiteness, as well as many ways to restore their natural shade or make them even whiter than they would be naturally. Teeth whitening entails removing various discolorations (pigmentation) that make the teeth darker. By applying this technique, your teeth become several shades lighter, and in some cases completely white, depending on the patient’s wishes.

We offer our patients two options for applying this technique:

• Teeth whitening at home

Teeth whitening at Bloom Dental & Aesthetic Clinic

Teeth whitening at the clinic involves applying gel on to the tooth surface. The gel is activated using a special UV lamp. This procedure is 100% safe. Teeth whitening with this technique makes the teeth two to six shades brighter. The procedure itself takes about an hour. Whitening at the clinic can also be combined with whitening at home, if the patient wants to achieve an even better effect.

Teeth whitening at home involves wearing special foils. These foils are made individually for each patient based on their tooth impressions. A special tooth whitening gel is applied to the foils. Depending on the patient’s wishes, the dentist may recommend a gel for night or day usage. This method whitens teeth gradually. Patients can control the color of their teeth and decide when they want to stop the treatment. It usually takes two to three weeks for the full effect.

Why your teeth aren’t white anymore?

There are various factors that make our teeth darker after a certain time. Some of these factors are external (tea, coffee, cigarettes, etc.) and they create pigmentation on the very surface of the teeth. External factors can be influenced by regular dental hygiene, and by the removal of tartar and plaque during regular visits to the dentist.
Internal factors involve discoloration that is built into the tooth substance. Teeth can become darker due to the usage of various medications, a disease that causes pigmentation, infection, trauma or age.

Professional teeth whitening successfully deals with both external and internal factors. This is a reversible treatment, suitable for patients who are satisfied with the shape of their teeth and just want to lighten them. The results usually lasts about six months, after which the treatment should be repeated.

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