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Invisalign (transparent dentures)

Invisalign is a well-known American system of transparent dentures, first in the world when it comes to orthodontics (tooth movement) in adults.

Would you like to straighten your teeth? Do you want it to be done as soon as possible and at a very reasonable price? Would you like your prosthesis to be “invisible”? We have the right solution for you.

Invisalign is a well-known American system of transparent dentures, first in the world when it comes to orthodontics (tooth movement) in adults. It often happens that dentists make “foils” and call them Invisalign, but this is not the same treatment.

For the Invisalign treatment, prints and images are sent to America for processing. At the end of the processing, they send back a digital therapy plan where the patient sees how their teeth will move from week to week, how long the treatment will last and what their teeth will look like in the end. Before starting the treatment the digital plan shows the final result the patient will get. After the patient confirms that they are satisfied with the final result, we approve the production of aligners (prostheses) that are 3D printed.

The software precisely predicts and plans the movement of the teeth, immediately making the necessary series of foils. The patient starts their therapy with foil number 1. Each foil is worn for one to two weeks, and then it is replaced by the foil number 2. This process is continued all the way to the last foil. The exact foil treatment differs per patient because not everyone has the same bone density or the same tooth arrangement and size. Wearing time is extremely important. It is recommended to wear the foils as long as possible during the day, at least 20-22 hours in a 24-hour period. After the treatment is completed, a retention foil is worn. This tooth straightening retention foil retains the achieved effects of the therapy. For the first month, it is worn for 14-16 hours a day, after that the wearing time can be gradually shortened. The retention foil should be worn during the night for at least 12 months.

Internationally, this treatment is extremely popular in adults (young professionals).

When do we use invisible dentures to straighten teeth?

We use Invisalign transparent dentures in all cases of:
• Overly compact teeth, distance between teeth
• Crooked teeth, especially the front ones

What are the advantages of Invisalign foil?

• The possibility of dental interventions
• Better maintenance of oral hygiene
• They are thin, transparent and comfortable to wear
• As you immediately get the whole range of foils for your therapy, you do not have to come for frequent checkups. This is especially important for patients living or working outside of Serbia.
• They are aesthetically superior.

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