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Wrinkle smoothing treatment is a unique non-surgical method that is performed by applying a certain amount of the purified proteins under the skin so that it paralyzes a specific muscle that participates in facial expressions. In this way, wrinkles on the face that were caused by facial expressions, i.e. by frowning or lifting a certain facial muscle, are reduced and removed.

This method has proven to be the most effective for horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, as well for those between the eyebrows and around the eyes.

Although many people are afraid of possible complications, this treatment performed by a professional doctor is absolutely safe.

What does wrinkle smoothing treatment look like?

After an examination and agreement with the doctor, a local anesthetic in the form of a cream or gel is applied. Cold compresses have also proven to be a successful local anesthetic.

After that, the substance is injected under the skin witch fine needles in the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes. Precise application allows the wrinkle- creating muscle to be cortectly targeted. When muscle contraction is disabled, the skin begins to visibly tighten, and wrinkles slowly disappear.

This method is not a painful treatment, it does not involve many puncture points and is quickly completed. Redness may occur at the site of the needle prick, less often mild bruises occur that recede quickly and are easily covered with make-up. After the treatment, you can return to normal daily activities. The results become visible after 5-7 days and, after thefirst treatment, they last for 4-6 months. After each subsequent treatment the effect last longer.

Who is this treatment for?

The treatment is intended for anyone who wants a healthy rejuvenated appearance of the face, without wrinkles, in a fast and proven way. We recommend the wrinkle smoothing treatment to women and men who have pronounced dynamic  wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows or around the eyes.


In the world of anti-age treatments, among the most popular treatments are biodegradable hyaluronic fillers. These fillers contain hyaluronic acid, an integral part of our skin, which effectively fills wrinkles, rejuvenates, beautifies and corrects facial imperfections.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of our skin, it has a sponge-like effect and retains a large amount of water that keeps the skin taut, hydrated and soft. After the age of thirty, the production of hyaluronic acid starts to gradually decrease, and between the ages of forty and fifty, we lose about 50% of hyaluronic acid.

Depending on the rate of the decline of hyaluronic acid, the skin becomes dry, dehydrated and static and dynamic wrinkles slowly appear.

What are the benefits of hyaluronic fillers?

The results of this treatment are usually visible immediately, so it is no wonder that it is becoming increasingly popular. Hyaluronic fillers can significantly rejuvenate facial skin, remove wrinkles and make various corrections to the lips, cheekbones or cheeks. The procedure itself does not take long and is performed with a local anesthetic if necessary. Hyaluronic acid is applied to different layers of the skin depending on the client’s wishes and needs.

What does hyaluronic treatment look like?

The treatment with hyaluronic fillers is performed with the help of a special thin needle and injection. Before applying the hyaluronic filler, an anesthetic in the form of a cream or gel is applied to the region, so the whole procedure is mostly painless. We apply a certain amount of hyaluronic acid under the skin depending on the client’s wishes. This can fill in wrinkles, correct facial irregularities, fill in scars, contour, shape and lift the face and, if desired, fill in lips, cheekbones and cheeks.

There are different types of hyaluronic fillers depending on the region of the face for which they are intended. Hyaluronic treatment lasts from 20 to 60 minutes and patients can return to their usual activities immediately after the treatment. The results are usually seen immediately. Occasionally there may be temporary redness or a small swelling that recedes quickly.

A few months after the treatment, hyaluronic acid degrades naturally. The length of the hyaluronic effect depends on the enzyme hyaluronidase, which naturally decomposes in the patient’s skin. It also depends on following the doctor’s advice. It is resorbed from the body within 6-9 months.

When to start treatment?

Treatment with hyaluronic fillers is recommended upon the appearance of the first wrinkles, which depends on the rate of decline of hyaluronic acid in the skin of an individual. In addition to the age, the level of hyaluronic acid is also affected by habits and lifestyle such as a poor diet, excessive sun exposure, smoking, a lack of sleep, air pollution etc.

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